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Principal's Message

Aloha new and returning Lancer students, parents and guardians,

On behalf of the faculty and administration of Wahiawa Middle School, we would like to say welcome. We are pleased you are a part of Wahiawa Middle School, and we anticipate a most amazing year!

Everyone at Wahiawa Middle School believes collaboration and working together with parents produces the best results for our students. We encourage parents, teachers, support personnel, students, and the community to work together to ensure our students become high achieving, respectful, and responsible citizens. Parent involvement is critical to student success and we look forward to working with each of you.

The school’s mission is that we are committed to providing a quality education that inspires all learners to reach their greatest potential in an ever changing world. Working with and supporting each other will enable WMS to be a safe and respectful place with high levels of learning.

It is the goal of administration to help each student to reach their full potential by promoting a school community where everyone is connected, capable and contributing.

Connected in a way that students feel they belong and parents are partners with the school to support their child’s success.

Capable of achieving academically and utilizing social-emotional skills to maximize their potential and navigate life’s challenges.

Contributing their skills and talents to improve the school and their community.

To help accomplish this goal each student belongs to an interdisciplinary team of teachers where the same group of students belong to a core group of teachers for language arts, math, science and social studies along with a grade level counselor and vice principal. This creates a smaller learning community. To establish a deeper relationship with each student and their families, counselors and vice principals remain with their cohort of students from grades 6 to 8. Aside from your child’s teachers, please feel free to also reach out to your child’s grade level counselor and vice principal.

Rest assured that your child(ren) have adults that care for them and believe in what they can do and become!

Best regards,
Mrs. Ursula Kawaguchi Principal