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Principal Kawaguchi's Welcome Message (Youtube Video)
6th Grade Vice Principal Mrs. Scott's Welcome and Rules Message (Youtube Video)
7th Grade Vice Principal Mr. Tu's Welcome and Rules Message (Youtube Video)
Welcome Back Video featuring our world champion wrestler "The Lancer"! (Youtube Video)
Now Presenting Your Counselors!!! (Slideshow and Youtube Videos, must be signed into Wahiawamiddle Google account to access)
One Take Wilson has Information for 7th/8th Graders about Chromebooks (Youtube Video, please excuse the yawning its been a long few weeks)
The WMS Band Welcomes our Students Back (Youtube Video)
Chorus and Piano Medley (Youtube Video)
Our fantastic Halau Hula (Youtube Video)
Mr. Bennet flinging some truth! (Youtube Video)


STEP 2 - Schedule / Planner / Forms

  • You will need your schedule to know which sections of each class to join on Google Classroom.  It also has your 10-Digit State ID# which you will need for signing in.
  • If you were not able to pick up the schedule during the various pick-up days please get a copy at the front office.  
  • Students that attend school in person during the first week will also be given a copy of their schedule.   (Students: Your Homeroom Teacher will have these for you.)

STEP 3 - Get your Device

Due to the nature of modern schooling each student will need their own device at school.  All students have been assigned a device.  If you are picking up your Chromebook each morning your teacher will let you know the location/cart/slot # for your assigned laptop.
Wahiawa Middle School has chromebooks and hotspots available to borrow.
Please contact or go to the front office to pick up a Device Loaner Agreement form.


STEP 4 - Get Signed into your Chromebook

If you are using a school issued Chromebook you will need to sign in with your Wahiawa Middle School Google account. No other account will work even if it is an account.

Google Login

Username: first initial + last name + 2-digit year the student leaves WMSPassword: 10-digit state ID#

For example:
6th Grader Maya Papaya =
7th Grader Lenny Lichi =
8th Grader Jenny Guava =

If you have a double last name or a very long last name try your first initial + all of your last initials.
(Maya Papaya-Guava =

If this still doesn't work please contact your homeroom teacher for assistance.

You will have be getting a number of passwords.  In the front of your planner is a page for listing out your usernames and passwords.  This would be a good time to start filling that in. Start with your WMS Google Account Login/Password. Don't forget your Clever and your Acellus Passwords.

Checklist Task B: Record Passwords

You will have be getting a number of passwords. In the front of your planner is a page for listing out your usernames and passwords. This would be a good time to start filling that in. Start with your WMS Google Account Login/Password. Don't forget your Clever and your Acellus Passwords.

Checklist Task C: Signed into Chromebook

If you have a school-assigned Chromebook, sign in. If you have your personal device, record your login/password.

Step 5 - Sign into your School Gmail

If you are using a school issued CB then simply open up Chrome go to and make sure that it opens up correctly.

If you are using a personal device open up a browser (any modern browser is 1fine) navigate to and then use the username and password explained above to get logged in. Note in the screenshot that you HAVE to use your full address to sign in. It will NOT work if you use mpapay23 or

Look for any welcome emails from your teachers.

Checklist Task D: Write an Email

Write an email to your Learning Lab Teacher with a two sentence introduction.

Video: How to Write an Email

Step 6 - Join your Google Classrooms

Use the "Waffle" to go to Classroom or access

A. Check the Google Classroom front page and accept any classroom invitations from your teachers.

B. Add any missing classes using the codes in the spreadsheet below.
List of Google Classroom Codes (Spreadsheet)

Checklist Task E: Join Google Classrooms

Join each of your six classes in Google Classrooms (LL#1 ,P1, P2, P3, P4, Advisory). If the teacher hasn't sent an invite yet, check your schedule and use the "List of Google Classroom Codes" above.

Video: How to Join your Google Classrooms (Youtube Video)

Step 7 - Join a Google Meet

Use the "Waffle" to go to Classroom or access

Video: How to Join a Google Meet Through Google Classroom

Document: Google Meet Guide

Checklist Task F: Join Google Meet

Use the link found within the Google Classroom to join a Google meet with your Learning Lab #1 Teacher. Practice turning on/off your microphone and your camera. Practice how to use the chat function.

Step 9 - Infinite Campus Login

If you are new to Hawaii you will need to setup your account.

If you are transferring from another public school (any island) then you can continue to use your IC account from your old school. If you can't remember your password please let your teacher now so that we can reset it for you.

Parents please see the Grades page for setting up your own account. You will need to contact the school for your parent code.


See the Grades page for additional info and links to the mobile apps.

Step 10 - Class Dojo

Both students and parents will need to get class codes from their teachers. Students will need a class code from each class but will only have one account holding all of the classes, just like in Google Classroom. Parents can add multiple classes and multiple kids to their one parent account.



Step 11 - Acellus Login

Username: 10-digit state ID#
Password: DOB in the format of MMDDYYYY

For Example:
Maya Papaya was born August 9th 2009 so her password will be: 08092009

Although the password and username is the same you CAN NOT login to Acellus via Clever.

Click on the Green Acellus Button or go to

Use your Acellus Login to access the site.

Checklist Task H: Log Into Acellus

Checklist Task B: Record Acellus Login/Password

Video: How to Log Into Acellus (Youtube Video)

Step 12 - Admin / Tech / Safety

Video: Introduction to Chapter 19 (Youtube Video with Vice Principal Mr. Matsuda)

Video: Technology Expectations and Reminders (Youtube Video by Mr. Chapman aka "The Tech Guy")

Videos: Hygiene: Handwashing, Hand Sanitizer, Wearing a Mask, Social Distancing

Checklist Task I: Watch all the Videos

Step 13 - Student Packet / Forms

Emergency Contact Card

Update Contact Information

Free/Reduced Lunch

Hawaii Keiki Information, Consent Form, and Privacy Notice Packet (PDF)

Technology Responsible Use Form

Student Publication/Audio/Video Release Form

McKinney-Vento Homeless Act Questionnaire (MV1)


Checklist Task J: Fill out and Turn in All Forms

Have you filled out all necessary forms? (Please have your guardians turn them into the office as soon as safely possible.)

Step 14 - First Day of School Checklist

Congratulations on finishing the Orientation.

Please fill out the "First Day of School Checklist"

Google Form:

Additional Resources
Explore Google Drive (How-To Document)
Extra Activities/Tasks

Kahoot! Activity (Teacher Link) (Student Link); Riddles

More BrainPop Videos (CoronaVirus, DistanceLearning, Back to School 2020, COVID-19 PSA, Online Safety)

Class Dojo (Details to Come)

I need Help!!

No problem. Feel free to contact the Ohana Help Desk at 643-3375. They can help with many problems such as connectivity and general usage issues.

For Wahiawa Middle specific questions such as usernames/passwords/account info please contact your students learning lab teacher. If they are unable to help, they can contact the Technology Coordinator for further assistance.